Why do I take part in adult ballet classes?

Is not it too late to start now?

In general, ballet is associated with pirouettes, string and sparrow, spectacular jumping.
Amazing what can happen when man knows, trains and uses his body to the maximum capacity.
To achieve such performance, classical ballet works, through specific exercises, especially the internal muscles that connect, those muscles that protect and support the skeleton to stand firmly.
A correct alignment means the lack of column problems resulting from the adoption of incorrect positions, the fluent circulation of energy and information through it, thus fewer diseases.
Adopted positions require tendons, including those joining the lower body of the upper, lumbar, iliopsoas, diaphragm.
These are muscles that, if trained, diminish and cancel many back problems.

A small part of the benefits of ballet for adults:
– fewer column problems
– the muscles will develop harmoniously, shaping the appearance of the body, which will become supple
– Flexible ligaments
– Voltages will be released
– there will be a state of well-being
– will increase brain neuroplasticity by learning new positions and coordinating movements
– Effective sharing of effort, thus avoiding overload of certain muscle groups
– the pleasure of listening to classical music
– Thanks in motion
– Achieving a better physical balance, which will also lead to a better emotional and psychological balance.
– combining mental and physical energy

Ballet is discipline of the body, it is awareness of it as a whole.
Every part of the body can sustain or hinder the work of another. When all parts of the body work for the same purpose, you can get to those superb jumps, pirouettes and many other fascinating elements, but with perseverance and dedication.
And when the body, the mind, and the soul share a common front, we only commit to life with maximum force.